Regarding Fanfiction

Fanfiction (non-commercial derivative work) is welcomed by the author Victoria Champion as long as:

1. You do not plagiarize (copy/paste/transcribe) any sentence or passage of her works.
2. You must not attribute her name in the byline as the author of the fanfiction itself. (That would be fraud.)
3. You must mention in the Acknowledgements section or elsewhere in your manuscript that it is a work of fanfiction based on her original copyrighted work, which is where you should include her name and the title of the original story. Such as: "This is a work of fanfiction based on/ inspired by the story Title by Victoria Champion. Victoria Champion retains all copyrights to her original work." Link to Give credit where credit is due.
4. You cannot under any circumstances use any part of the original book cover art as your own cover or have the art or any part of it embedded within the fanfiction. However, you can display the entire book cover in a nonfiction blog, social media post, forum post, or article (online or printed) as a visual reference to the origin of the story.
5. You may create and share visual artwork, such as drawings, paintings, gifs, and 2d digital art, based on the original stories and characters, but you may not sell those artworks. You can under no circumstances modify Victoria Champion's original artworks. Link to in the caption or description.
6. Nonfiction videos, such as Youtube videos, that interpret, discuss, or review are allowed without conditions, of course. However, please give warning of spoilers and please do not reveal the actual text of more than the first 10% of the book (that is the standard sample size at distributors like Amazon). Videos which contain derivative works/interpretations and fall into the realm of fanfiction are allowed, and you can earn profit from ads. However, you may not license for profit: any rebroadcast beyond your direct account-based control, derivative works, or expanded distribution of the video. Link to in the description.
7. These permissions refer to written, 2d artwork, and personal video fanfiction stories only. The author Victoria Champion retains all rights to any forms of adaptive media including film adaptations, audiobooks, artwork-for-sale, comics, merchandise, screenplays-for-sale, scripts-for-sale, etc... .The franchise: world, characters, plots, and settings are under original copyright to Victoria Champion, all rights reserved. Contact the author to license any commercial adaptations.
8. Respect author copyright or legal action will be taken.

1. Regarding use of characters: Since we are discussing fanfiction, it is allowable and probably necessary to use the original characters and refer to them by name in your derivative works. However, you cannot plagiarize (copy/paste/transcribe) any passages describing the character. You must use your own descriptions. (For instance, if the author wrote 'John Doe has icy blue eyes like an arctic day' then you could write 'John Doe's eyes were slate blue like the sky in winter'. Be creative.)
2. Regarding slash/femslash/erotic fanfiction: Whatever floats your boat (within legal obscenity boundaries), is fine.
3. Regarding settings: As with characters, use your own descriptions of the world and settings.
4. Regarding plot/subplots: If you want to reimagine how the characters would have responded to the existing plots, that is allowable. It might be more fun to rework the plot and and add your own subplots.
4. Regarding posting and sharing your fanfiction: You can do this, without fear of reprisal, as long as you meet all the conditions of use outlined in this post. Some good places to share your fanfiction stories are Wattpad and Livejournal. Remember to credit the original author, Victoria Champion.
5. There are licensed worlds in which you can create and sell fanfiction ebooks at Amazon called Kindle Worlds. Victoria Champion's original stories are not a part of that program.

The author respects fandom and would love to read your fanfiction. However, due to potential legal complications, she cannot. If your derivative fanfiction coincidentally resembles any future original works by this author, you have no grounds or right to pursue recompense.

Be aware that the author employs notification services to keep track of any occurrence in which her copyrighted properties are posted on the internet.

Thanks for your interest in the stories of Victoria Champion.

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