FAQ for Kitty Derps NFTs

 FAQ    for Kitty Derps NFTs on OpenSea

The artist is Victoria Champion aka SpiritKitten.

The marketplace is OpenSea.

The currency is Polygon Eth.

Each NFT is an original traditional hand-drawn artwork of graphite and charcoal on cream drawing paper transformed into a digital artwork. Each drawing is scanned, polished in photoshop, and released as an 8-inch square 300dpi png NFT.

Kitty Derps are not generative art. Rather, each is a unique artwork released as a single original artwork or as limited-edition or open-edition reproductions. Because each is an original hand-drawn artwork, the collection will have variances in some aspects but they will all fit into the style and theme of a cohesive collection.

Initial drop of 11 NFTs occurred June 5 2022.

Drops are 1/1s or multi-editions of either or 33, 66, or 99, or 'open (unlimited) edition', per NFT. 

The 1/1s are called Strays. The multi-editions are called Litters. The open-editions are called Clowders (that's what a group of cats is called).

Obviously, the more limited the edition, the more valuable the NFT is.

Each NFT has a 10% creator royalty, so price accordingly when reselling!

The drop prices are based on a $USD rate at time of listing which is based on rarity. Drop prices will increase based on current USD income tax bracket or high floors. The artist has no control of the resale floor prices and crypto-fluctuations. 

Unlockable content for buyers is:

1. The link for the 600dpi print-ready TIF image file stored in the cloud which you can download.

2. For 1/1s:

a. The original hand-drawn art on paper will be shipped to the first buyer of that NFT. You will be given a passphrase to verify your identity as the buyer. Send the artist an email at the address provided with the passphrase and your shipping address and a package recipient name. The passing along of the original art on paper to the secondary market is entirely up to the discretion of the current holder.

b. The link for the PFP-optimized 400x400 150dpi PNG high-contrast image file stored in the cloud which you can download.

Resalers are encouraged to pass along to their buyers the appropriate file link as unlockable content if reselling offsite. If you bought a Kitty Derp on the secondary market and did not receive this info, please DM  @KittyDerpsNFTs at Twitter with the screenshot of purchase receipt and I will pass it along to you.

Originals on paper contain marks from creation, including erased lines, and errors. That is the nature of hand-made traditional art. Each piece of hand-made art that you can hold in your hand is an artifact, a treasure.

The original paper artworks of the multi-editions are not for sale as there is no way to sell them to each buyer as there is only 1 paper artwork and not 33, 66, or 99, etc... Because of this limitation, there is no plan for them to be sold in the immediate future. The artist will keep these in her personal collection for now. I am considering auctioning them in the future when an edition sells out.

The drop schedule may change based on collector interest. The roadmap is to drop 1 per week. I am an individual artist, not a team.

Some artworks are reserved by the artist for marketing, and will not be for sale as NFTs initially, if ever. Any official merchandise will be Kitty Derps artworks not owned by anyone other than the artist. Banners and images used online for marketing and collection visibility do contain some collector-bought NFTs as a sample.

You of course can take your print-ready file and make any personal merchandise that you want (i.e. t-shirts, posters, mugs, etc...) as long as you are the current holder.

Plagiarized derivatives, specifically spin-off NFT collections, are not allowed by the artist (artist does not consent to flipping image or coloring or glitching, or other obvious ripoffs for spin-off collection commercial use) and guilty parties will be reported to OpenSea and you might end up holding a 'not okay kitty derp' that you can't sell. You will be called-out and shamed on Twitter.

If any plan changes, that info will be made available on this FAQ.

Socials are:

a. OpenSea: Kitty Derps collection: https://opensea.io/collection/kitty-derpsSpiritKitten profile: https://opensea.io/SpiritKitten 

b. Website: http://www.victoriachampion.com (you are here)

c. Twitter: Kitty Derps: https://twitter.com/KittyDerpsNFTs, Personal account: https://twitter.com/SpiritWritings

d. Instagram: Personal account: https://instagram.com/victoria.champion

e. Facebook: Personal account: https://www.facebook.com/authorvictoriac

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