Song of the Mourning Dove

Song of the Mourning Dove
Dark Fairy Tales
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An emotional and macabre reimagining of two fairy tales by The Brothers Grimm, these dark fantasy paranormal horror short stories are about love, fear, the supernatural, and witches.

In the title story, Song of the Mourning Dove, two young lovers have a romantic tryst in an ancient forest and encounter a horrifying evil that threatens to tear their love apart. A harrowing struggle to save themselves and each other leads to a terrifying confrontation that transforms the once innocent nature of their love.

In the bonus second story, The False Prince, three beautiful princesses discover that forbidden pleasure comes with a terrible price. A devious soldier and a scheming witch battle to possess the sisters to satisfy their own obsessive desires.

These stories contain mature subject matter and are suitable for mature young adult readers, new adult, and adult.

This ebook contains the short story Song of the Mourning Dove. Also included is a bonus short story The False Prince. Combined, these two original stories by Victoria Champion are 10,400 words, or approximately 38 pages.

Second Edition. Originally published on May 03, 2012 with a different cover.

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